Community Guidelines

Last updated: 17th April, 2024

Introduction is a platform that is designed for everyone to use and enjoy. And to ensure that everyone has a great experience, we have put together these community guidelines. These guidelines are designed to help you understand what is expected of you when you use our platform. Our moderators ensure that these rules are followed and take action against those who violate them.

By utilizing our services, you agree to adhere to all the rules outlined below. Kindly discontinue use of the service if you are unable to comply with these rules.

Things that are not allowed:

  • Engaging in any kind of illegal activity or promoting it.
  • Making other people uncomfortable by harassing, bullying, or intimidating them in any way.
  • Sharing inappropriate content like nudity, violence, or any other content that is not suitable for all ages.
  • Spamming or bot activity on the platform by any means.
  • Promoting hate speech, racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination.
  • Guiding users to different social platforms without engaging in any meaningful discussions beforehand.
  • Asking for money, whether it's for donations, promoting sales, or selling items on the platform.
  • Using third-party software, including extensions, plugins, bots, or programs, to alter the functionality of the service in a way that harms other users or violates their rights.
  • Aiming the camera at any printed, handwritten, or other text signs, irrespective of their meaning, by any means.
  • Engaging in actions that could be deemed obscene, such as displaying explicit content or performing explicit acts on camera. Some examples of this include, but are not limited to:
    • Appear naked or in underwear.
    • Direct the camera towards any body parts below the chest (including the abdomen, groin, legs, toes, etc.), even if they are covered with clothing or belong to another individual.
    • Reveal any intimate body parts.
    • Touching any intimate body parts, even if they are concealed by clothing or obscured by an object.
    • Request users to undress or display any intimate body parts or body parts below the chest.
    • Make any suggestive gestures or engage in actions that could be interpreted as obscene or contain explicit or implicit solicitations with sexual or provocative connotations.
    • Displaying explicit content, including, but not limited to: pornographic videos/photos, sexual jokes/comments/references, or any form of sexual content.

How to avoid getting banned?

To avoid getting banned from our platform, please ensure that you follow these guidelines:

  • This isn't a dating platform. Sending unsolicited sexual advances may lead to a ban.
  • Avoid requesting other users to connect with you on different platforms without a valid reason. This encompasses but is not restricted to soliciting phone numbers, social media profiles, or alternative chat platforms.
  • If you come across minors during video chats, refrain from engaging with them. Instead, just report them.
  • Do not spam the same messages repeatedly.
  • Follow all the rules and guidelines outlined above.

How to get unbanned from

We understand that sometimes mistakes happen. If you believe you were banned in error, or you would like to appeal your ban, please create a ticket on our Discord Server or send us an email at Our team will review your case and get back to you as soon as possible.

Changes to the guidelines

We reserve the right to alter, amend, or adjust any portion of these rules at any time without prior notification. It is your responsibility to periodically review the rules for updates. Prior to using the service or initiating a connection, please familiarize yourself with the rules. By starting a connection, you acknowledge and accept any changes made to the rules.